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Advantages and disadvantages of rattan-like chair furniture

At present the rattan chair furniture industry, in terms of the outdoor rattan chair furniture market at home and abroad imitation rattan chair furniture is increasingly widely used. Slowly along with the improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of fashionable sunshine, leisure and comfort, rich personality. Imitation rattan chair furniture itself has a waterproof, sun-resistant, durable, mold, moisture, unique shape, quality rattan chair furniture use life also has more than 10 years. So imitation rattan chair furniture is a hotel villa, private courtyard, restaurant suitable for the selection of outdoor furniture.
1. imitation rattan chair furniture rattan materials never add toxic substances, no pollution of the construction process, no glue coating, no paint finishing, belonging to the green environmental protection non-hazardous non-toxic materials, conducive to the current green sustainable development.
2.  imitation rattan chair furniture in the value of the chair is not worse than other materials, and imitation rattan is hand-woven customizable shape, durable excellent, waterproof, sun protection, durability, mold, moisture, as well as environmental protection, if it is integrated into a variety of decorative will be more elegant and stylish, a variety of unique visual experience of the shape, so that people love.