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Egg Chair, A Quiet And Comfortable Independent Space

The egg chair is like a half egg, and the edge of the egg outline is designed as a backrest and armrests. From the perspective of shape and material, it looks like a comfortable bird's nest, generous and lovely. The color is very rich, especially suitable for restaurants, restaurants and other occasions.

The egg chair focuses on the style of "simplicity" and functionalist design concepts. The simple and smooth appearance curve outlines a large and deep seating space. It is mostly used as a leisure chair.

The egg chair has very strict dimensions. The cross-shaped base is a square of 48cm. The hips of the sitting surface are 46cm wide and 48cm deep. With a height of 113cm, the shape of the whole chair is like a peeled egg, in a round shape.

When Nordic furniture met the world for the first time at the Paris Exposition in 1900, it caused a sensation in the design world with its modern and humane exhibits. Different from the functionalism in Germany and other European countries, while adapting to the local cultural environment, Nordic furniture is contrary to the cold, serious and pure geometric forms that are common in German functionalist works in appearance, replacing unnecessary straight lines with Curved, and tend to use local traditional wood, fur and other natural materials, so that the Nordic functionalism shows its affinity for nature and society, so it is called "humanistic functionalism", which meets the physiological and psychological needs.

The egg chair is a work that comprehensively embodies these concepts. It was created by the Danish designer Jacobsen in 1958 for the lobby and welcome area of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

Since the use of panels was not very skilled at that time, and everything had to subvert traditional handicrafts, Jacobson used fiberglass inner embryos for this egg chair, and the outer layer was wool flannelette Italian leather. The main features are the seat cushion and The size of the backrest fits the human body layout, and the built-in sponge is elastic and stable, and the four bright aluminum leg brackets can rotate 360 degrees. The unique shape of the egg chair opens up an undisturbed space in public places.

The armrests and back of the egg-shaped chair look like hugging the user, giving people a very strong sense of security. The size of the seat cushion and backrest is suitable, and there are sponges inside to increase the elasticity and sit resistance.

There is elastic sponge under the cloth or leather of the whole chair, which not only has a smooth appearance but also is more elastic, making the sitting feeling more comfortable. The legs of the chair are made of stainless steel, and the effect is bright and radiant. The legs of the chair can be rotated 360 degrees and have an optional tilting function.

The inside of the pedal is equipped with a shaped thick sponge mouth to increase fullness and elasticity. The mouth can not only be used as a pedal mouth but also as a stool for rest. One chair is multi-purpose. Its unique shape and individual design work, together with the well-designed chair head and armrests, are symmetrical on both sides and correspondingly matched with footrests to make it more humane.

Sitting on it is comfortable, elegant and generous, as if returning to the embrace of the mother, so as to achieve the effect of alleviating work troubles, psychological pressure in life and eliminating fatigue. It is also a fashion taste.

Inheriting the classics, the egg chair high-end replica version uses a glass fiber reinforced plastic inner blank, which conforms to the human body structure, is resistant to sitting without deformation, and restores the unique sculptural sense of the egg chair. The appearance is made of imported genuine leather, and the texture is at your fingertips. The interior of the seat, backrest and armrest is made of high-elastic and shaped spray-coated cotton to ensure a comfortable sitting feeling.

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