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Egg Chair Structure

The egg chair was designed for the lobby and reception area of ​​the Royal Copenhagen Hotel, because the machines at the time were immature and everything needed to be processed by hand. At that time, Arne Jacobsen designed the egg chair in the garage of his home.

Egg chair is one of the best-selling classic styles in the world for half a century. It uses a glass fiber reinforced plastic inner blank with a stereotyped sponge inside, and the outer layer is imported wool flannel or imported leather (imported wool flannel has various colors, and all imported leather includes Red, black, white, brown), all handmade, with a gyration function, the overall look noble and elegant.

The egg chair's organic shape, first-class comfort, and the personal space formed by the unique shape of the chair quickly swept the whole world, and is considered to be the most representative Nordic design.

The material is flannel/green leather/Italian leather/dairy cowhide/PU, glass fiber reinforced plastic, anodized aluminum feet/stainless steel feet

1. Egg chair, built-in fiberglass material, with a layer of sponge in the middle.

2. The outside is wool flannel/leather. Another seat cushion has a sponge inside, which can be taken out for easy cleaning.

3. Four-star fixed aluminum feet/stainless steel feet with bright surface. (with and without tilt function). The chair can be rotated 360 degrees. The pedals also feature stainless steel feet, high-density sponge and smooth-surfaced leather.

Design work with individuality.

Wide range of applications, can be used for computer chairs, leisure chairs, coffee chairs, etc.

It is a commonly used leisure chair in hotels, clubs, villas, living rooms, lounges, etc.

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