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Features Of Outdoor Leisure Products

Outdoor leisure products refer to all kinds of outdoor activities used for relaxation, physical and mental pleasure, life health care, and physical recovery in spare time.

1. Outdoor “New Picnic Experience”

"Leisure, health, nature, and environmental protection" can be seen from the brand concept of a picnic bag manufacturer, which brings people not only a natural feeling and experience of life, but also a frank expression of love for life and health; leisure Supplies advocate environmental protection and pursue natural harmony. As a healthy and natural way of life, picnic has become very common in foreign developed countries, and it has become increasingly popular in China in recent years.

2. From professional to mass

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life and taste of life, the concept of "leisure, health, nature, and environmental protection" will resonate with more and more people. Outdoors is no longer a narrow definition of mountaineering and rock climbing. Yo do your life," The concept of "big outdoor" will allow more consumers to become the final user group of outdoor product manufacturers.

3. Focus on functionality and comfort

As outdoor sports continue to heat up and more and more people participate, the concept of great outdoors will break people's inherent perception of "outdoor" life. A civilized picnic life will gradually enter the public life, and the functionality and comfort of outdoor leisure products will be understood and accepted by more ordinary consumer groups. For example, a picnic bag with standard configuration, from the comfort design of the backpack to the thermal insulation food compartment inside the aluminum foil, the complete tableware compartment, including knives, forks, spoons, goblets, etc., with waterproof camping cushions, fashion design, Complete equipment and thoughtful details meet the needs of outdoor leisure.

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