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Garden Swing Chair Installation Method

Bracket Installation:

The most important thing in the installation of a garden swing chair is its bracket installation. How to install the swing chair bracket? Do you usually use a swing at home? It is a metal bracket, what is so good about this bracket? It is stronger and more durable. The part of the bracket can be fastened with screws. At the top of the bracket, use a swing chair to install a special metal rotating screw. Get up, tighten the junction a little to make it safe to use!

Seat Surface Installation:

After the bracket is installed on the swing chair, it is the part where the chair is installed. How to install the seat surface on the swing chair? First of all, it is the hook part of the swing chair. This part is particularly critical. Before installing the swing chair, we are the most important. It is good to first understand the load-bearing capacity of the swing chair, and then decide what kind of screws to use. The second is the score on one side. Generally, there are soft cushion products. If this part wants to be more comfortable to use, we can fix it. This way I don't feel like the cushion will run around when I use it!

If the swing chair is not installed rigorously, it will also affect its service life. The quality of the screws is similar. If the friction force of a screw is smaller, the damage to the furniture itself will be smaller, which can also ensure the service life of the swing chair.

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