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Hammock Is Also A Kind Of Military Sleeping Equipment

A hammock is a light and easy-to-carry bedding for outdoor activities, and the materials used to make the hammock are usually tied to a tree.

According to the material of manufacture, it is divided into cloth hammock and rope net hammock. Cloth hammocks are usually sewn with thin canvas or nylon cloth, and rope net hammocks are usually made of cotton rope or nylon rope. Rope net hammocks are especially suitable for tropical jungles and hot summer, while cloth hammocks are more suitable for use in a wider range, except for severe cold areas and winter, which are not suitable for use, and can be used in other seasons. Hammocks are mainly used as sleeping tools for people to travel or relax.

Anti-mosquito bites: Prepare a piece of gauze of appropriate size, arrange the gauze at one end of the camper's head in the same way as placing the film, and clamp the gauze and hammock together with clothespins to prevent mosquitoes from biting the head. Wrap a cotton sliver dipped in Miehaling liquid into a circle and tie it on the tethers at both ends of the hammock, or spray Miehaling directly on the upper and lower ends of the tree trunk hammock tether to prevent ants, spiders, centipedes and other insects from crawling into the hammock.

Processing method: Use a strong rope of moderate thickness to wrap the rope evenly around the shuttle. Then use a relatively strong rope as the key line (the key line is the one that was tied to the tree later), and it is made by using the dead knot weaving method. If you want to make a colorful hammock, you can wrap the ropes of the two colors around two shuttles and weave them alternately, the method is similar to the monochromatic weaving method.

A type of military sleeping gear. It is used by soldiers when camping and camping in tropical and subtropical mountain jungle areas. Prevent the human body from being attacked by wild animals and bitten by mosquitoes, from being soaked by rainwater and ground water and from being hurt by protrusions on the ground. The hammocks of the national army such as the United States are mainly made up of objects such as hammock body, end brace, bar frame, elbow, nylon rope. The hammock body consists of a sleeping piece, a head piece, a foot piece, a mosquito net side piece, a top piece, and a canopy, etc., and is combined into a whole by Velcro, drawstring loops, etc. The production materials are generally nylon tape, nylon mesh cloth, nylon rope, plastic poles, etc. When in use, between two trees with a distance of at least 3 meters, open the suspension after cleaning off sharp objects and protrusions, and connect each part. Some hammocks do not have a canopy, and the rain poncho is combined with the hammock to prevent rain. A hammock is a multipurpose piece of equipment. For example, using cut wooden sticks and spare cables, the wooden poles can be inserted into the pole sleeves on both sides of the hammock sleeping sheet to form a stretcher; it can also be used as a simple tent.

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