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Hammock Tips When Camping

1. The benefits of using a hammock for camping

01 lightweight

One of the main advantages of camping with a hammock, because you need to pack the tent, so you can bring more light things, it is a good choice for lightweight camping

choose one.

02Easy to set up

No need for "heavyweight" accessories such as camp posts and camp nails, just open the hammock and hang it on the tree.

And no more worrying about finding the perfect flat spot to pitch your tent, all you need is a spot between two trees.

03Low environmental footprint

If you are a camping enthusiast, then your love of nature is sure, and you will also consider the environment when enjoying the outdoors.


Another benefit of hammock camping is that you can take up less space on the campsite and reduce contamination of the turf.

2. What to bring for hammock camping

In addition to the hammock itself, there are some additional accessories that you may want to bring along with the hammock.

01 Hammock rope loops, shackles:

In the outdoors, you can never go wrong with extra rope, because there will always be a time when you need it.

02Pillows, sleeping bags, blankets:

Nights are always a little colder and hammocks - sure to be colder than tents, so bring your outdoor bedding and sleep in a hammock.

But if the temperature is lower, it is recommended to bring a sleeping pad and put it on the hammock to increase the warmth.

03 Hammock Mosquito Net Q :

In addition to preventing mosquito bites, it can also increase a sense of privacy and security.

04 Canopy:

Rainproof! Needless to say the importance of outdoor camping.

05 lights, flashlights, headlamps:

When you want to read in a hammock or take a night out, you absolutely need these gear;

06 tree protection cover:

Prevents cuticle damage to trees when using hammocks.

3. How to find a suitable location

Find a shaded area under a tree, a clean campsite, a tree strong enough to support your weight,

Do not use saplings or dead trees, it is recommended to find large trees that cannot be hugged with hands.

The distance between trees is recommended to be about 3 to 5 meters, and the height of the hammock is recommended to be set between 45 and 100 cm, which is the most appropriate position.

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