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How To Choose The Right Pergola?

Pergola in a wide variety of materials. The most traditional and common is wood, most commonly cedar or redwood. Wood is a natural material that provides a warm, rustic feel. One of its downsides is that the wood needs to be regularly maintained by staining or painting and then sealed to keep out insects and other elements. Other materials, such as aluminum, vinyl, steel, metal, fiberglass, and porous PVC, are also used to make pergolas. All are lower maintenance than wood and usually only need to be cleaned once a year. Concrete or precast stone pergola will last the longest and require the least amount of maintenance. You can also use combinations of these materials to create a pergola.

Before you start looking at your pergola, you need to determine what purpose you want it to serve. Is this an intimate space for your family to dine in? An outdoor entertaining area for larger gatherings? A simple structure to shade the plants in the back walkway? Once you know how you plan to use your pergola, you can figure out what works best The size, shape and material of its construction.

When looking at a pergolas, there are many design aspects to consider. First, do you want an attached or freestanding pergola? An accessory structure may seem like a seamless extension of your home, but may require special permits or result in additional taxes. Freestanding structures represent areas with specific uses (for example, cocktail bars or dining areas), which may be subject to community requirements or permits.

But once you decide on an attached or freestanding pergolas, the fun begins. Now you can think about creating anything from traditional rectangular structures to more architectural ones with arches, curves, specific cooking and seating areas, climbing vines and more. The main thing to remember is that you want your pergolas to match the aesthetic of your home and yard. For example, if you live in a traditional salt box home, you probably don't want to opt for a sleek, modern steel pergola. You also need to pay attention to size. If you have a small house, installing a giant pergola in your backyard will make your house smaller instead of perfecting it.

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