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How To Make A Homemade Hammock

I believe that everyone must want a hammock of their own, lying in the hammock looking at the sky, swinging leisurely in the apologetic sunshine, so now let's talk about the method of making a hammock.

1. Prepare the materials, add a large bundle of nylon rope to the pallet, use a knife and other auxiliary tools to remove all the screws and nails on the pallet, and re-disassemble the old pallet into scattered wooden boards.

2. Mark the first board with a pencil and ruler and drill side-by-side holes on both long sides of it.

3. Take the first board as the benchmark, stack it on the remaining boards, and drill the other boards removed from the waste pallet into double rows of holes.

4. Use nylon rope to tie the first and second planks together securely. Continue to tie more planks together until you reach the desired length for the DIY hammock.

5. In this way, hang the finished hammock on a tree or a special bracket for the hammock to complete the self-made hammock.

The method of tying the hammock is: If you want to tie the hammock to a tree outdoors, you can first pass the middle end of the hammock through the rope and tie a knot. Next, cross the rope to another tree and tie it through the loop from the other end to tie a dead knot.

You can also do the same for the other side. You can wrap the rope around the tree a few more times, it will be stronger and there will be no problem of loosening. Finally, we fasten the iron hook at the end of the rope and fasten the hammock.

When tying a hammock, you need to pay attention to the quality of the straps. We can choose a flat strap design. This strap can be wrapped around the tree a few more times, which can effectively share the human body's weight on the roots of the tree.

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