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How To Tie A Hammock Chair

Hammock Chair Knotting Steps
1. Use a lighter to burn one end of the hammock perforated rope, and quickly twist it into a wire-drawn shape by hand, and then use scissors to cut off the excess part of the rope end.

2. Pass the two strands of hammock rope through the back hole of the hammock, and reserve the distance between the hammock hole and the rope knot to be about 1 cm (you can reserve the length according to your actual needs).

3. Place the rope on top of the two front-end ropes, send the rope around the rope from above, and pass the two front-end ropes under the shaft and pass through the rope loop.

4. After finishing the wearing method, tighten the two strands of rope.

How To Tie A Hammock Chair

1. Single knot. This is the most familiar and primitive method of knotting, which is generally used for knotting at the end of the rope and some unimportant knots.

2. Eight characters pass through the knot. Knots commonly used in mountaineering and adventure activities are mainly used for the connection between the head knot and two ropes. The insurance effect is stronger than that of a single knot and it is easy to solve.


3. Interweave knots. It is used to connect two ropes with the same thickness, and is characterized by being firm, easy to solve and beautiful.

4. Single knot. Used to connect two ropes of different thicknesses.

5. Tight knots. For connecting two relatively slippery ropes.

6. Slipknot. This knot is often used to tie the rope to the tree, and it is easy to untie.

7. Free knot. Often used to adjust the lengths knotted rope.

8. Leverage knots. It is often used for ligating rope ladders, autumn stems, etc., and the wooden stick-drawing rope knot is self-solving.

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