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Introduction Of Garden Furniture

Garden furniture, English is Garden furniture.

As the name suggests, it is furniture placed in outdoor leisure places such as gardens, courtyards, and terraces. Category outdoor furniture. As people's pursuit of living standards is getting higher and higher, owners of villas or manors generally arrange their own gardens carefully to add a sense of outdoor space. Therefore, the garden furniture industry is gradually expanding.

Garden furniture can be classified according to its function as follows:

1. Garden parasol

2. Dining table and chairs

3. High bar stools

4. Coffee table and chair series

5. Sofa

6. Recliner

7. Leisure chair

The materials of garden furniture range from the original stone and wood to the current imitation rattan, iron, aluminum alloy, casting, etc., with more and more patterns. Nowadays, the aluminum alloy frame combined with high-grade PE rubber rattan has become a symbol of the highest quality garden furniture. The characteristics of iron furniture: the product is heavy and easy to rust; the biggest feature of PE rubber rattan is that it is not afraid of wind, sun and rain, and it is suitable for aluminum alloy spray tubes with suitable external powder to resist oxidation and not easy to scratch.

About rubber rattan: In order to reduce the cost, the inferior rubber rattan is produced with too much recycled material. Generally, the rattan will start to break after 3~4 months of outdoor use. Some rattan suppliers will reply that after 1000 hours of testing, in fact there may be only 300~400 hours of testing. The standardized rattan has been tested for 3000 hours, and the rattan brands with stable quality in the world include: Hunano, Viro, Wintech, Rahou, Glostar, etc.

About the cushion: its material can be divided into POLYESTER (short fiber), SPUNPOLY (long fiber, feature: soft, thick), OLEFEN - its color treatment can be divided into three categories: 1) SOLUTION DYE: particle dyeing, 3-year color No fading guarantee 2) YARN DYE: silk dyeing 3) FABRIC DYE cloth dyeing, the color will not fade for 1 year. At present, the most stable quality is the fabric of SUNBRELLA in the United States, which uses SOLUTION DYE.

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