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Introduction Of Outdoor Leisure Products

Outdoor leisure products refer to various outdoor activities products used for relaxation, physical and mental pleasure, life care, and physical recovery in spare time.

Today, with the increasing emphasis on the "happiness index", residents' spending power is improving, and the citizen's vacation system is improving day by day. increasingly become a fashion.

In recent years, the concepts of "pan-outdoor" and "big outdoor" have gradually emerged, which is the general trend of the development of traditional outdoor - "professional outdoor" to "leisure". In the first issue of "Fortune" magazine in the new century, economic observers predicted seven best investment directions in the 21st century, one of which is that "leisure sports will become popular and become an important part of people's lives". This situation is already very common in developed regions such as Europe and the United States. In China, where the economy is developing rapidly, outdoor leisure has just emerged. It will gradually form an industrial scale and drive unlimited business opportunities. Industry insiders predict that the market value of the outdoor leisure industry in China will exceed 10 billion yuan, and the huge market potential of the outdoor leisure industry is far from being released. With people's advocacy for outdoor life, the outdoor leisure products market has a good prospect.

It can be students who like nature; it can be white-collar workers who want to relax; it can be an elite who pursues the quality of life; it can also be a group of super "ALICE pals" who like outdoor life. Outdoor leisure life such as picnic will be a popular and healthy leisure lifestyle. In today's pursuit of health, fashion and environmental protection, outdoor leisure products such as picnic bags, camping cushions, tents, sleeping bags will gradually become the daily consumer goods of the public.

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