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Precautions For Hammock Chairs

A hammock is a lightweight and easy-to-carry bedding for field activities, usually tethered to a tree with the material from which the hammock is made.

According to the material of manufacture, it is divided into cloth hammocks and rope net hammocks. Cloth hammocks are usually sewn from thin canvas or nylon, and rope net hammocks are usually woven from cotton or nylon rope. Rope net hammocks are especially suitable in tropical jungles and hot summers, while cloth hammocks are more suitable for use in other seasons except in severe cold areas and winter. Hammocks are mainly used as sleeping tools for people traveling or leisure time.


Rainproof: Prepare a plastic film that is slightly longer than the hammock and about two meters wide when sleeping in the wild. When it rains, place the film in the shape of "∧" on the pull line above the hammock, so that it covers the hammock, that is, it can be well protected from rain. .

Anti-mosquito bites: Prepare a piece of gauze of an appropriate size, place the gauze on one end of the camper's head in the same way as placing the film, and clamp the gauze with the hammock with clothespins to prevent mosquitoes from biting the head . Use a cotton sliver soaked in the liquid of the hammock in a circle and tie it to the rope at both ends of the hammock, or spray the hammock directly on the upper and lower ends of the rope of the hammock on the trunk to prevent ants, spiders, centipedes and other insects from crawling. into the hammock. Of course, it would be even more beautiful to have a tent for hammocks with no bottom cloth.

Processing method: A strong rope of moderate thickness, with a shuttle, evenly wrap the rope on the shuttle. Then use a relatively strong rope as the rope (the rope is the one tied to the tree later), and weave it with a dead knot. If you want to make a hammock in different colors, you can wrap the ropes of two colors on two shuttles and weave them alternately.

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