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Take You To Understand What Is A Gazebo

The gazebo, one of the traditional wooden single buildings. A pavilion built on the side of the road for pedestrians to rest. It is widely used in garden architecture because of its light shape, flexible material selection and flexible layout. The open gazebos or Beiming pavilions, often built in gardens or parks, are often built with pillars supporting the roof.


In terms of shape, there are four-corner pavilions, hexagonal pavilions, octagonal pavilions, and fan-shaped pavilions. From the vertical direction, there are single-eave pavilions and double-eave pavilions.

According to the use occasions of pavilions, pavilions can also be divided into park garden pavilions, square pavilions, modeling pavilions, leisure pavilions, and rain-proof pavilions. Some companies specially build a pavilion for employees to smoke and chat after tea and dinner; pavilions in parks and public places not only provide rest for tourists, but also increase the beauty of the scenery, and have both shape and function.

By function

Rest from the sun and rain—traditional pavilion, modern pavilion;

Ornamental tour - traditional pavilion, modern pavilion;

Memorial, cultural relics - memorial pavilion, stele pavilion;

Traffic, distribution organization people flow - station pavilion, road pavilion;

Riding the water - corridor pavilion, bridge pavilion;

leaning on the water - water pavilion on the terrace;

Comprehensive - multifunctional combination kiosk.

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