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Variant Of Swing

In addition to the most common hanging autumn, some ethnic groups have many variants of swing.

The swing entertainment of the Kyrgyz people in Xinjiang is called "Alatibakan Sheri Chinjik" by the local people. Choose a point in the open space, build a tripod with 3 pieces of wood, and build a similar shelf at the other end 3 to 5 meters away, and then set up a beam between the two tripods, about 3 meters from the ground, and put it on the beam. Hang 6 "U"-shaped wool ropes to form a swing. When playing, a man and a woman face each other. Both of them step on the two long wool ropes with their feet interlaced. They stretch out their arms and grab two wool ropes each. They lean on the ropes with their backs and move their feet, swinging higher and higher. .

The Tu nationality in Qinghai use the wheel autumn to swing. The Tu people call Lunziqiu "Bu Rire", which means "rotating, turning the wheel". Wheel Autumn is made of local materials according to local conditions. For example, remove the column wheel of the large cart, erect the column, press the heavy object on the lower wheel to fix the center of gravity; tie a ladder to the upper wheel, and tie equal-length leather ropes (like a swing) on both ends of the ladder to complete, so it is called "Wheel Autumn".

The swing played by the Uighurs is even more peculiar, called "Shahardi", which means "air runner", and they play on it every spring and autumn and when holding weddings. A log about 10 meters high is firmly erected on the field as an axle, and a wooden wheel is installed on the top of the axle, and two crossbars are installed on the wheel, each of which is tied with a rope, like a swing. An additional horizontal bar is installed at the bottom of the vertical shaft, which is connected with the wooden wheel at the top by a rope. During the game, one person stands on the rope swing, and then several people stand facing each other on both sides of the bottom crossbar. Both sides push the crossbar at the same speed to drive the top wooden wheel to rotate. The player standing on the rope slowly ascends to the sky with the acceleration of the wheel, the faster the rotation speed, the higher the player flies.

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